Distribution for Parker Domnick Hunter Products

At Q Air-California, we have served as a major distributor of air and gas filtration and treatment products since our division was established out of Pump Engineering Company in 1999. Since then, we have worked with the industry’s best suppliers to provide customers throughout California and beyond with world class filtration solutions, exemplified by a full range of products from Parker Domnick Hunter. Filters, separators, and dryers from Parker are designed to function at the highest levels of efficiency. These products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO 8573-1:2001. Parker products are known for delivering the best quality performance while keeping environmental impacts to a minimum. They not only provide the cleanest and highest quality compressed air, but also lower lifetime costs and reduce CO₂. A wide scope of products is available. These include air filters, desiccant air dryers, water separators, and many others.

Parker Domnick Hunter Maintenance,
Service & Repair Center

Q Air-California’s 22,000 square foot service and repair facility is well suited to handle your compressed air repair needs. We also provide a Compressed Air Preventative Maintenance Program for compressed air and vacuum systems, representing leading brands such as Baldor Motors, Chicago Pneumatic, ConservAIR®, Parker Domnick Hunter, Great Lakes Air Dryers, Kobelco America, Kobelco KNW, Pnuematech Dryers, Quincy and ZEKS.

For more information about the Parker Domnick Hunter products that we offer, please contact us directly.