Distribution for Chicago Pneumatic Products

When buyers are looking for compressors, they need reliable, flexible, and easy-to-maintain products. At Q Air-California, we work with top suppliers like Chicago Pneumatic (CP) to provide a full line of superior compressors. Stationary compressors from CP are available in piston and rotary screw varieties. Piston compressors are designed for applications with low compressed air requirements, and can be purchased in low- or high-pressure, vessel-mounted, or on-frame models. CP's rotary screw compressors work with the highest levels of performance, and are available for multiple applications, with many models featuring excellent warranties.

Chicago Pneumatic Compressor Maintenance, Service & Repair Center

Q Air-California’s 22,000 square foot service and repair facility is well suited to handle your compressed air repair needs. We also provide a Compressed Air Preventative Maintenance Program for compressed air and vacuum systems, representing leading brands such as Baldor Motors, Chicago Pneumatic, ConservAIR®, Parker Domnick Hunter, Great Lakes Air Dryers, Kobelco America, Kobelco KNW, Pnuematech Dryers, Quincy and ZEKS.

To learn more about our selection of Chicago Pneumatic (CP) products, please contact us directly.

  • CPC Belt Drive 40-100hp Rotary
    Download [PDF - 672KB]
  • CPE Gear Drive 75-200hp Rotary
    Download [PDF - 6956KB]
  • CPE Gear Drive Unit Description
    Download [PDF - 192KB]
  • QRS Belt Drive 3-15hp Rotary
    Download [PDF - 967KB]
  • QRS Belt Drive 20-30hp Rotary
    Download [PDF - 365KB]
  • CPVS Variable Speed 20-250hp Rotary
    Download [PDF - 302KB]
  • CPVS Variable Speed Unit Description
    Download [PDF - 136KB]