Dealer & Distributor for Kobelco America

Customers throughout California and beyond count on us at Q Air-California to distribute the world’s finest compressed air and vacuum systems. We carry on this tradition of quality by partnering with companies like Kobelco. Established in 1905, Kobelco is a recognized global brand with a history of quality. Their screw compressors are essential for a wide range of applications, with reliability so high that units are typically put into continuous operation. These compressors cover capacities and pressures that fall between those of centrifugal and reciprocating models; they can handle discharge pressures up to 1500 psig and inlet volume flows up to 84,000 cfm. Kobelco screw compressors are smooth-running, compact, and have proven themselves effective for the most challenging applications. These include corrosive gases, gases that contain entrained liquids, processes with fluctuating pressures and flow rates, and many others.

Kobelco America Compressors Maintenance, Service & Repair Center

Q Air-California’s 22,000 square foot service and repair facility is well suited to handle your compressed air repair needs. We also provide a Compressed Air Preventative Maintenance Program for compressed air and vacuum systems, representing leading brands such as Baldor Motors, Chicago Pneumatic, ConservAIR®, Parker Domnick Hunter, Great Lakes Air Dryers, Kobelco America, Kobelco KNW, Pnuematech Dryers, Quincy and ZEKS.

For further information about the screw compressors available from Kobelco America, please contact us directly.

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