Distribution for ZEKS Compressors

At Q Air-California, we partner with the most innovative and reliable compressor companies in the business. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with the best selection of compressed air products available, and our partnership with ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions is a perfect example. ZEKS manufactures refrigerated and regenerative dryers of uncompromising quality, including cycling and non-cycling refrigerated drying machines. Refrigerated dryers are available for air systems ranging from the small and compact all the way up to systems with several thousand horsepower. For critical compressed air applications and those in frigid environments, we offer ZEKS regenerative desiccant dryers. These products provide dry air for applications with dew points of -40°F, -80°F, or -100°F. ZEKS dryers feature high performance valves, advanced controls, convenient service access, and energy savings options. All dryers from ZEKS live up to their company’s reputation for innovative design, quality workmanship, and advanced engineering.

ZEKS Air Dryer Maintenance,
Service & Repair Center

Q Air-California’s 22,000 square foot service and repair facility is well suited to handle your compressed air repair needs. We also provide a Compressed Air Preventative Maintenance Program for compressed air and vacuum systems, representing leading brands such as Baldor Motors, Chicago Pneumatic, ConservAIR®, Parker Domnick Hunter, Great Lakes Air Dryers, Kobelco America, Kobelco KNW, Pnuematech Dryers, Quincy and ZEKS.

For further information about refrigerated and regenerative dryers available from ZEKS, please contact us directly.

  • Non Cycling 75-2400cfm Refrigerated Dryer
    Download [PDF - 384KB]
  • Eclipse 90-8,000cfm Desiccant Dryer
    Download [PDF - 669KB]
  • Eclipse 250-2,165cfm Heat Of Compression Desiccant Dryer
    Download [PDF - 2,207KB]
  • Hydronix 20-60cfm Desiccant Dryer
    Download [PDF - 131KB]
  • Mist Eliminator
    Download [PDF - 115KB]
  • Non Cycling 11-64cfm Refrigerated Dryer
    Download [PDF - 283KB]
  • Oil Water Separators
    Download [PDF - 103KB]
  • PETX High Pressure 120-4,300cfm Refrigerated Dryer
    Download [PDF - 2,457KB]
  • Flow Controller
    Download [PDF - 196KB]
  • ZEKS ZTF Filters 15-1,600cfm
    Download [PDF - 423KB]