Millions of people across the globe depend on the efficiency of their local wastewater treatment plants. As such, municipalities require state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that these plants run efficiently and with minimal downtime to consistently deliver purified water to their communities.

So where do compressed air systems come in? Ensuring a steady and reliable source of oxygen-rich compressed air is necessary to maintain the wastewater treatment plant’s biological processes. The microorganisms require plenty of oxygen for successful purification.

Compressed air is needed to help drive the wastewater treatment process to remove contaminants that include:

  • Biodegradable Organics (BOD) - Microorganisms rely on the combination of oxygen and BOD to survive and breed
  • Suspended solids - These particles are responsible for clogging rivers and water channels
  • Pathogenic bacteria - Failure to remove these disease-causing microbes can lead to serious infections from drinking the water
  • Nutrients - Phosphates, nitrates, and other nutrients increase the concentration of algae
Industrial Air Compressors for Municipalities

Compressed Air Blower Systems for Wastewater Treatment

We recognize and appreciate the big role that municipalities play in wastewater treatment to ensure the safety of our communities and the environment.

Q Air-California provides a wide range of oil-free certified low-pressure/high velocity compressed air solutions for municipalities that not only improve the energy efficiency of your blower systems, but also reduce your carbon footprint during wastewater treatment.

Our rotary screw blower systems are engineered for easy installation while ensuring component compatibility, simple installation, and equipment protection for years of trouble-free performance. Our compact equipment also saves on your floor space, while allowing for side-by-side installation.

Why Bother Treating Wastewater?

According to a report by the UN-Water, wastewater includes thermal energy, potential energy, and chemically bound energy that would otherwise go unharnessed without the right facilities and equipment in place.

In addition, purifying wastewater:

  • Reduces health concerns associated with harmful bacteria and other microbes contained in the dirty water
  • Protects fisheries and preserves wildlife natural habitats to ensure the survival of various species
  • Safeguards recreational areas, such as lakes, beaches, and other water bodies that may otherwise become unsafe if polluted with dirty, contaminated water

Custom Compressed Air Systems for Wastewater Treatment

With efficient compressed air systems, municipalities are better equipped to management the wastewater treatment process reliably to provide their communities with the highest quality of water available.

Q Air-California provides high quality air compressor systems for wastewater treatment that not only ensure efficiency and optimal performance, but also:

  • Reduce energy consumption - Blower systems consume about 70% of the total energy used in wastewater treatment plants. Our energy efficient oil-free screw blowers reduce your power consumption by 30% compared to other technologies
  • Prevent air pollution - Our blowers are ISO certified, meaning that you get clean compressed air that is completely oil-free. We understand that you need 100% clean air that is free of any contaminants when purifying drinking water
  • Reduce noise pollution - Our systems offer low noise levels for outdoor use without having to invest in soundproofing housing structures

When you buy our quality air compression systems, we also provide installation and aftermarket service through maintenance, repair, and replacement to ensure that your system is always performing at peak efficiency, for many years to come.

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