Compressed air is a common source of energy because it’s readily available, clean, and simple to use. With the rise of eco-friendly compressor technology, such as oil-free or oil-less lubrication processes, centrifugal processors are becoming increasingly popular as the environmentally friendly solution to creating, using, and storing renewable, clean energy across all industries.

Q Air-California is a trusted supplier for industrial compressed air systems in Southern California, specializing in custom, low to high pressure oil-free technology, as well as vacuum systems. A leader of the region’s compressor industry, our stewardship of clean technology ensures that government, military, commercial, and industrial customers alike also make a step forward on their environmental responsibilities and lead by example.

Industrial Air Compressors for Public Works & Government Facility

Engineered Innovation for Government Agencies

Recognized for engineered innovation, Q Air-California provides air compressor and vacuum solutions that support different types of gas, from natural gas to oxygen to hydrogen. Q Air is also in the business of customizing compressor systems to support a wide range of discharge requirements including maximum pressure and flow rates and optimal energy savings.

For optimal performance of your air compressor system, we offer various technologies including:

  • Refrigerated air dryers with energy saving controls - These types of air dryers are employed in most compressed air applications to get rid of any moisture in the compressed air. They work by cooling the air, which forces any moisture to condense so that it can be drained out of the compressor system. This mechanism increases energy use by 2 to 5%. With energy saving controls, it is possible to regulate energy use as the load on the compressor system varies, leading to energy savings of about 30%.
  • Master controllers - These products are specifically designed to improve the control of air compressor systems with two or more compressors. They help to reduce pressure fluctuations that are typical in compressed air systems that use sequence of simple cascade controls to maintain system pressure. Master controllers can effectively deliver energy savings of about 15%.
  • Flow and pressure controllers - These products help to reduce pressure fluctuations that take place in compressed air distribution setups as machines are powered on and off, or when there’s variable air requirement.
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Why Work with Q Air-California?

Whether you are looking for new air compressor systems for a new project or to replace old, inefficient equipment, Q Air in South California can provide you with the products and expertise you need to make your project successful.

We realize that many government agencies have compressed air systems that have been in place for decades. But with development in modern technologies, efficiencies have now improved significantly compared to older technologies. By replacing your old industrial air compressor with one of Q Air’s products, you can achieve energy savings of 10 to 20% of the cost of generating compressed air.

It may be tempting to choose equipment with the lowest capital cost, but such immediate cost savings often prove to be a false economy. With Q Air, you are assured of quality compressed air systems and outstanding after-sales service through scheduled maintenance and repair work for optimal performance and longevity of your equipment.