Q Air-California offers comprehensive industrial air compression solutions in Santa Barbara, from installation to service and maintenance in our shop or at your worksite, for all major compressors, including rotary, centrifugal, and reciprocating, as well as the associated system equipment.

Industrial Air Compressor Service In Santa Barbara

Q Air-California has built a reputation for reliability and consistency in our ability to meet the needs of our clients in Santa Barbara through outstanding compressor repair service for all makes and models of air compressors, including centrifugal, reciprocating, and rotary screw compressors.

Santa Barbara Industrial Air Compressor Repair Service & Parts

Reliable Industrial Air Compressor Parts In Santa Barbara

Q Air-California provides reliable and cost effective replacement parts for most brands of industrial air compressors. Our goal is to meet all your industrial air compression needs, including matching your application to the most suitable air compressor, whether oil-based or oil-free, performing normal maintenance or scheduled shutdowns, or rushing to your site to attend to emergency breakdowns.

24/7 Emergency Industrial Air Compressor Repair Service In Santa Barbara

Q Air-California has the expertise to keep your air compression system up and running trouble-free. But with our experience in the industry, we also realize that unexpected situations can arise, such as broken parts or systems. By operating 24-hours a day, we are able to respond to emergency situations in the shortest time possible.

Our engineers and technicians use precise testing procedures to provide quick repairs and reduce downtime, which will in turn save you time and money.

Industrial Air Compressor Expertise in Santa Barbara

Q Air-California’s dedication to providing the best services and parts at the most competitive prices has made us the leader in industrial air compression technology in Santa Barbara. We have the ability to provide you with the highest products and service on short-term notice, fast and hassle-free. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services. We are always ready to help.

Industries We Service

Air Compressor Industries We Serve | Q Air-California

We Service All Types of Air Compressors and related accessories.

Q Air-California provides service to all types of air compressors and accessories including:

  • Oil flooded rotary screw compressors
  • Variable speed rotary screw compressors
  • Oil-free rotary screw compressors
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Vacuum units
  • Refrigerated air dryers
  • Desiccant air dryers
  • Mist eliminators
  • Oil/water separators and condensate management
  • Electronic and no loss auto drains
  • Quincy air compressor repair
We Service All Types of Air Compressors and related accessories

Ship it & We’ll FIX It!

Q Air-California features a fully staffed, state-of-the-art repair facility that is well suited to complete all of your industrial air compressor needs. We repair almost all brands, types, and models of air compressor equipment.

Ship it to us, we'll fix it & then conveniently ship it back!

Ship it & We’ll FIX It!

Q Air-California strives to achieve Total Customer Value Management (TCVM) through:

  • Prompt, courteous and professional service
  • Distribution of the highest quality market leading products
  • On-time delivery
  • Large local inventory to help reduce your inventory carrying costs, providing JIT inventory on commonly used parts
  • Maintaining competitive costs helping to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Continuously expanding our product and service offerings to satisfy the ever changing marketplace
  • Excellence in sales and service through qualified personnel
  • Continuously improving our methods and processes
  • Compliance with OSHA and related safety regulations
  • Increased MTBF through proper factory recommended maintenance

Contact Us

We are keen to discuss your industrial air compressor repair, service and maintenance requirements in Santa Barbara. Contact us for more information on the costs of air compressor parts and systems or air compressor repair service.

Talk to us online or call our toll-free line 888.311.7247.