Distribution for ConservAIR® Products

Production facilities around the world rely on compressed air systems, essential components for industries that include electronics, textiles, power generation, oil & gas, automotive, and many others. At Q Air-California, we have partnered with Pneumatech to provide customers with the finest quality compressed air systems. Pneumatech is the supplier of ConservAIR® technologies and products, including their Intermediate Control (I/C) compressor. The I/C helps to improve production by delivering stable air pressure at the lowest optimal pressure levels. It features easy installation, remote control monitoring, and online maintenance. The I/C’s simple design allows it to be retrofitted to any existing compressed air system. It offers numerous benefits, including better production levels and major cost savings. In fact, the I/C usually pays for itself within the first six months to three years in energy savings alone. Multiple models are available, with standard features that include maximum inlet pressures of 200 psi, maximum outlet pressures of 195 psi, and maximum flows of 1500 scfm.

ConservAIR® Compressor Maintenance,
Service & Repair Center

Q Air-California’s 22,000 square foot service and repair facility is well suited to handle your compressed air repair needs. We also provide a Compressed Air Preventative Maintenance Program for compressed air and vacuum systems, representing leading brands such as Baldor Motors, Chicago Pneumatic, ConservAIR®, Parker Domnick Hunter, Great Lakes Air Dryers, Kobelco America, Kobelco KNW, Pnuematech Dryers, Quincy and ZEKS.

To learn more about the I/C and other ConservAIR® systems, please contact us directly.

  • Conservair® IC Pressure Flow Control
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